2009 Koi Person of the Year Bonita Wulf


Koi Person of the Year 2009 Bonita Wulf

Koi Person of the Year 2009 Bonita Wulf



BY: Phil Grefrath

It was extremely easy for me to nominate Bonnie for Koi Person of the Year; she is truly a Koi person. Bonnie has one of the more seasoned selections of koi from showa’s to the little known Beni Kikikuryo’s. She has been active in all the NFKPC Koi Shows helping out with water changes, set up, take down and water checks for over ten years.Bonnie has also acted as a club liaison by attending other Koi shows in the US.She has assisted KHV health seminars at the NC Show and helped with water checks at the ZNA Potomac Show.

For those of you who don’t know her, she has been a moderator with Dr. Johnson’s old forum “KoiVet” for years assisting people all over the globe with solutions to their ponding problems. She may seem a little ornery at times but to know her is to love her.

Bonnie made all the vases for the tables (over 40) at the AKCA show sponsored by our club in 2006 which was a tremendous job requiring many hours of work. She also served on the Program Committee for the show. In addition, Bonnie has not missed many of the summer NFKPC meetings while she lives in the Ski region of New York. This 75 mile one way trip would be difficult for anyone, but Bonnie, being over seventy years old makes it look easy. Congratulations Bonnie on being chosen Koi Person of the Year.