2017 Project Plants Lotus

Exclusively for members of Niagara Frontier Koi & Pond Club Lotus tubers for 2017 project plants.

Choose from 15 beautiful varieties, as many tubers as you would like at $15.00 each.

Put tubers in your pond or a pot.

Tubers will be in for April’s meeting, judging in August or September, see Dawn for more details. ¬†Click the list Lotus-for-BPC

  1. N “Pretty Woman” Yanli Jiaren
  2. sold out
  3. N Zhongshan Hongtai
  4. sold out
  5. sold out
  6. sold out
  7. N Super Excellent (Zhuo Yue)
  8. sold out
  9. sold out
  10. N Little Golden Phoenix (Xiao Jin Feng)
  11. N Space 36 (Tai Kong 36)
  12. N Beauty (Li Zi Fang Zi)
  13. Zhongshan White (Zhongshan Bai)
  14. N “Midnight” (Zi Ye)
  15. N “Light White Cloud” (Tian Gao Yun Dan)