Nuisance & Invasive Species in NY, know the laws of the land

If you have gold fish or koi you no longer want, please contact us, we maybe able to find new homes for your fish with one of our club members.  PLEASE do not release them into local ponds, streams, rivers or lakes!  That is bad, really bad.

Nuisance Species

Visit the Nuisance Species page to identify how you can prevent and control problems with wildlife.

Invasive Species

What is an invasive species?

Invasive species are non-native species that can cause harm to the environment, the economy or to human health. Invasives come from all around the world. As international trade increases, so does the rate of invasive species introductions.

Why are invasive species a threat?

Invasive species threaten nearly every aspect of our world and are one of the greatest threats to New York’s biodiversity. They cause or contribute to:

  • Habitat degradation and loss
  • The loss of native fish, wildlife and tree species
  • The loss of recreational opportunities and income
  • Crop damage and diseases in humans and livestock

Invasive Species Regulation

A regulation was adopted in July 2014 that prohibits or regulates the possession, transport, importation, sale, purchase and introduction of select invasive species. The purpose of this regulation is to help control invasive species, a form of biological pollution, by reducing the introduction of new and spread of existing populations. This regulation becomes effective March 10, 2015. Two species, Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii) and Eurasian boars (Sus scrofa) have grace periods. See the frequently asked questions, below, for more details.

Learn More About This Regulation and What Species are Included

Species Specific Information

Use the links below to find information on specific invasive species learn what DEC is doing to combat them.



Fish and Shellfish


Be informed and know the law New York State Department of Environmental Conservation